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Great that you’ve found your way to us! We, the Wolf Waagen team led by co-founder Christian Wolf, warmly welcome you to our website. You can expect exciting information about beekeeping as well as interesting products, such as our innovative Wolf scales, which will make your beekeeping trade much easier.

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We modify digital hive scales by other manufacturers and upgrading them


Expand your measurement data with suitable sensors for the environment and the bee colony.

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Our hive scales in direct comparison. Find the Wolf-hive scale that suits you.

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At our location in Hagendorf we hold several been stocks, which are equipped with the Wolf Scale and various sensors. With a click on “analyse” you get a larger view and a deeper insight into the measurement data.

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Beekeeper Community

Would you like to see the measurement results of more than 1000 beekeepers and know when the harvest arrives, where and when the flowers develop, in which areas the honey harvest is already over and much more?

With a Wolf scale, you become part of the beekeeper community, Europe’s largest stock scale network.

Customers about Wolf scales

“I have used in my beekeeping life until now different hive scales, I always thought mine are already very good, until I saw at a friend the scale of Wolf scales, first question from me was can I see the display, and what can I say, I was a little in love, I now use hive scales for a total of 9 years, the most important are the diagrams, weather temperature wind and of course the bee colony, and I must admit, the company Wolf has implemented these points to perfection. I can see when the harvest starts at what temperatures plants give nectar, whether my colonies have enough food, and yes of course even a swarm. You can see when a colony is robbed, etc…. also the perfect time for honey harvest is no longer an issue, and this saves me money a lot of money.

What can I say, a big thank you to the company Wolf, also the Trachtnetz simply a dream.

So now one more in my eyes the best most reliable hive scale there is.”

Jupp, beekeeper Youtuber (“Bee Live”)

“Since I have been using the Wolf scales, checking the bee colonies has become much easier. It is easy to recognize the beginning and the end of the harvest or gaps in the harvest. The rain, wind and temperature sensors make it possible to keep a close eye on even the most distant colonies. The weighing of the colonies is done by the scale and documents every intervention. The stock card fills up almost by itself. Thank you for the good cooperation!”

Andreas Zoelzer – beekeeper and 1st chairman of the Landesverband Buckfastimker Bayern e.V., Germany

“Pour un professionnel: balances au top du marché européen. Robustes, fiables, simples d’utilisation. App et logiciel de gestion efficaces. Gain de temps et d’argent grâce à une gestion facile et rigoureuse des miellées, du nourrissement, etc. Accessoires indispensables (pluvio, humidité relative, sonde temp.). Amorties en une miellée. SAV top.”

(Translation: “For the professional: the best scales on the European market. Robust, reliable, easy to use. Efficient app and management software. Time and cost savings with easy and accurate management of honey, feed, etc. Essential accessories (rain gauge, RH, temperature probe). Pays for itself within one honeydew. SAV top.”)

Jérôme Wanner, professional beekeeper in France

“Thank you very much and it’s a super product what they have, I’m really excited. The alarm has really shown me a swarm, which I could find immediately, because I was immediately on the spot. Also the display through the records I had a good overview of how my bees are doing in the winter, just what their food supply concerned. Also the beginning of the incubation period through the temperature display, so it is much more insightful to record and understand the procedure and well-being.”

Christina Koch, hobby beekeeper, Switzerland

“The wolf scale helps me most in winter and spring, when I don’t want to open the hives and yet can hardly stand to find out whether there is enough food or what the brood status is. In the summer, it can save me a trip or two to bees. I especially like the quality and the possibilities to expand with all the accessories. All around recommendable for me!”

Betty from BettysBienen (“Insta Beekeeper”)