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Passion for beekeeping

We see beekeeping as a traditional craft that is fun and, what’s more, a good thing – for people and animals. For us as beekeepers and entrepreneurs, however, it required a further development of beekeeping opportunities. A step towards the future, to make beekeeping more interesting for many other like-minded people.

We invest a lot of time and leisure in the ongoing development to be able to offer hobby beekeepers, professional beekeepers and research institutes the best possible products and evaluation possibilities. After all, you can only manage your bee colony successfully if you keep a close eye on it.

We still run our own apiary in Hagendorf near Waidhaus. 12 bee colonies diligently produce Hagendorf honey for our own breakfast table. We provide you with the measurement data of our bee colonies here on our website. This will give you an interesting insight into how our Wolf scales work and you can find out in detail how you can use the scales and software profitably yourself before you buy.

The team of wolf waagen

Christian and Sarah Wolf are looking forward to your contact!

Our history of origins

Our passion for bees began on our parents’ farm in Waidhaus, in the Upper Palatinate Forest. Two brothers – Richard and Christian Wolf – whose commitment as beekeepers grew steadily in the years that followed. We quickly gave our first bee colony a home, but beekeeping presented us with ever greater challenges. We came up with the idea of constructing our own hive scale and equipping it with various sensors. Outside temperature, brood chamber inside temperature, precipitation, humidity, weight of the bee colony and possible weight differences – we wanted to be able to weigh, measure and then evaluate all this and more. After numerous prototypes and a continuous development phase, our Wolf scale was born. Robust and fully functional.

In the meantime, we programmed our own online software to be able to evaluate and compare the measurement data of the scale on the PC, tablet or SmartPhone. We developed the Wolf SIM card, which transmits the measurement data via the mobile network and thus automatically ensures up-to-date measurement results in the software. Today, we sell our Wolf scales in several European countries and are represented at almost every German beekeeping trade fair. We continue to optimize the hive scales ourselves and also provide new developments in the online area. Most recently, we launched the Wolf Scale Community, which makes it possible to view the measurement data of all participating Wolf Scale owners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland online, in order to be able to draw conclusions about beekeeping behavior, for example.

After the tragic death of Richard Wolf in 2020, Christian Wolf and his team continue to run Wolf Scales. Together with our loyal customer base, the functions of the scales are constantly being improved.

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