Apigraph 4.0

The Wolf scale is a modern precision scale that was specially developed for the requirements of beekeeping. The weighing technology for beehives is a mature system that has been used successfully by beekeepers all over Europe for years.

With our extensive range of expansion sensors and thanks to the automatic update function, your floor scale system will always be state-of-the-art in the future. The weather-resistant outer housing reliably protects the electronic inner workings from external influences. Thanks to the online software and data transfer via a Wolf SIM card, the measurement results from the scales can be safely evaluated digitally.


Strong performance data

  • 2 load cell system with temperature compensated load cells
  • High stability and strength
  • High component quality thanks to robust, corrosion-resistant materials
  • Precise weight measurement with 10g resolution | Measuring range up to 200kg
  • Variable cover plate size (e.g. plate size Zander / Dadant)
  • Key switch for easy operation of the scale and automatic weight correction

Well thought-out concept

  • Optional single sensors: humidity, outside temperature,
    amount of precipitation, wind speed and wind direction,
    brood chamber temperature
  • Optionally the 5-in-1 weather station (humidity, outside temperature, amount of precipitation, wind speed and wind direction)
  • Variable recharging options (power pack, power bank, solar spike)
  • With up to 30 auxiliary scales (ApiGraph Junior)
    expandable at one location
ApiGraph 4.0
ApiGraph 4.0 Innenleben
ApiGraph 4.0 mit Antenne

technically sophisticated & highly precise

The Wolf beehive scale with its unique 2 load cell system convinces with intelligent properties that are a real asset for your work with the honey bee – regardless of whether the beehives stay in place or go on a hike and want to be transported. We offer you the right equipment for both areas of application.

ApiGraph 4.0

Made of insensitive materials such as stainless steel, high- tensile steel and aluminium, the Wolf- hive scale endures extreme weather conditions and performs well while being exposed to high loads.

  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • High stability
  • 8 mechanical overload protection for the load cells
  • Without edges & protected against browsing by game
  • Non- slip cover plate 430 x 510 mm included
  • Non- slip cover plate 510 x 510 mm on request
  • low overall height of only 85 mm
  • LED status- display (battery, mobile reception, sensors, etc.)
  • Powerful antenna with magnetic base and 2 m cable

The hive scale’s interior is characterised by technical excellence. In narrow space the weighing technology was installed to precisely capture and transmit all measured data.

  • High precision thanks to two load cells
  • Waterproof housing (protection category IP66)
  • Energy-saving operating modes for long operating times
  • Power-battery for a long life
  • Short recharging periods (battery status check online)
  • Battery life time around ten years (exchange guaranteed)
  • Smart radio technology (for sensors within distance of 3 m)
  • Extension connectors available
  • Automatic firmware update


Take a look at our operation manuals and download them as PDF.


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