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The Wolf scales online software is a program in which all measurement data from the Wolf scales are collected and processed. The software can be accessed and operated from anywhere in the world. Intuitive and easy to use with a PC, tablet or smartphone, you can monitor your bee colonies online.

The measurement data can be transmitted to the software every hour. There, the data is processed for you and is available around the clock. For secure and fast data transmission, no matter where you are, the Wolf SIM card is used (standard in the Wolf scale). The SIM card uses the best available mobile network throughout Europe and thus always ensures a stable connection between the scale and the online software.


Special features of the software

  • Dashboard and summary page
  • Intuitive handling with PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Attractive diagrams and infographics
  • Analyse, compare and evaluate all measurement data
  • Select individual display periods (minutes, hours, days, months and years)
  • Control individual measuring intervals
  • Data transmission can be individualised online (up to 3 times a day)
  • Determine new locations and connect other hive scales
  • Wolf- SIM card ensures reliable data transmission
  • File export for further analysis and archiving
  • Automatic software updates for enhanced safety
  • Display battery charge level
  • Data integration to your own website

evaluate and compare

  • Latest status request
  • Daily, monthly and yearly overview
  • Weight and daily difference (kg)
  • Honey in total and daily yields (kg)
  • Outside temperature (C°)
  • Optional sensors: Brood chamber temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind
  • Recording of flowering
  • Compare different hives or years
  • Compare several hive scales in the same period
  • Integrated site- manager (compare honey yields and temperature of different hive sites)
  • Memo function for the last works carried out
  • Export function to archive and safe data for your further evaluation

Live data of our bee colonies

At our location in Hagendorf we hold several been stocks, which are equipped with the Wolf scale and various sensors. With a click on “analyse” you get a larger view and a deeper insight into the measurement data.

Request your free online access now.

Beekeeper Community

Would you like to see the measurement results of more than 1000 beekeepers and know when the harvest arrives, where and when the flowers develop, in which areas the honey harvest is already over and much more?

With a Wolf scale, you become part of the beekeeper community, Europe’s largest stock scale network.