New from old

conversion other manufacturers

We modify digital hive scales by other manufacturers into a Wolf hive scale. Beekeeping is our passion. With our years of experience in beekeeping, we know that quality in work and products decide about success. Our hive scales fulfil highest material requirements and are designed for a state-of-the-art apiculture. The intelligent online software enables various evaluation, comparison and archiving options. Whether your beekeeping is recreational, professional or for research purposes.


Old, defective or unsuitable?

The conversion to the Wolf scale is worthwhile

Do you already have a digital hive scale from another manufacturer? You are dissatisfied or want to change to only one system with your weighing technology?

The motives are different, we can make the switch to modern, precise and versatile digital stick scale technology easy for you.

It's that simple

  • Check here in our webshop which models we are currently converting. If your manufacturer is not listed, please contact us
  • Send us your scale
  • We are converting your scale into a wolf scale
  • In addition to the scales, you will receive an operating manual including Wolf service

Why a hive scale by Wolf?

The ApiGraph 4.0 is designed for all-year-round outdoor use. The electronic box and cables are equipped with special protection measures. After the upgrade measuring weight changes up to 200 kg with a precision of 10 – 30 grams, depending on the basis scale manufacturer can be reached. Additional environmental sensors tracking meteorological influences and the brood chamber temperature can be added.

 For monitoring more hives at one location, extension scales (=ApiGraph Junior) can be connected. The long-life lithium-ion battery can be recharged with different power supply options (power bank, power supply unit or solar panel).

Measurement data is transferred via the integrated Wolf SIM card. The evaluation is easily and quickly retrievable via an individual online user access Thanks to the Wolf software. The data can also be shared with colleagues, published on a homepage or fed into the so-called TrachtNetz.